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About the Swedish Code of Statutes

The Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS) – the official and authentic version of acts, ordinances and government agency regulations – are published here. Communications (announcements) may also be published if the information should be publicly known and if they cannot suitably be presented in any other form.

The statutes on this website are considered to be promulgated on their publication. The statutes are presented as they appear at the time of publication, i.e. in their original version. If a statute has been corrected, the corrected page or pages can also be found here.

Statutes issued prior to 1 April 2018 can be found in their official and original versions in the previously published version of the Swedish Code of Statutes, and are not published on this website.

More information about individual statutes can be found in the Government Offices legal databases (Swedish only). These contain the complete text of the statutes including any amendments – the consolidated version – and a statutes register. The register contains information about amendments, entry into force, references to preparatory work, etc. The register also contains repealed statutes. Statutes in the previously published version of the Swedish Code of Statutes (PDF format) can be found in another database (Swedish only).

The same legal information can be found via Lagrummet, the public legal information portal.                          

Lagrummet (public legal information portal)

The Swedish legislative process   

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